Mississauga Life — Early Spring 2015
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In the course of a lifetime, most of us come to appreciate that it is often the changes we initially resist that bring the opportunities we value most. Frequently, when the smoke clears, the new reality is better than the old one.

Just ask the residents of Clarkson Village. When the idea of building a modern new retirement residence on Lakeshore Road was first proposed, some area residents were pretty strident in their opposition to it. There were those who claimed loudly that the new building would cause traffic snarls, be too tall and cast horrible shadows, generate litter, look inappropriate, drive down property values and generally “spoil the neighbourhood.” Doubtless some design improvements were imposed and inevitably cooler heads prevailed.

Today, Clarkson Village boasts Walden Circle Retirement Community. The sky did not fall, the traffic did not go awry, the local neighbourhood is thriving, and adjacent property is now more valuable than ever. What Clarkson got was a beautiful, people-friendly place occupied predominantly by long-term residents of the area who gained the welcome option to age in their place of choice. Located on Lakeshore Road in the heart of the community, Walden is close to shops and transit. Its many residents support local businesses and contribute in a variety of ways to make Clarkson a really great place to live. Where are those angry opponents now? What we hear is the sound of satisfaction.

Similarly, The Shores of Port Credit will be a remarkable addition to the West Village. Much more than “just” another nice retirement residence, The Shores campus will offer a variety of adult lifestyle choices, from condo home ownership and apartment rentals through to full-service retirement living, all connected and transitional through a range of customized support services. There will even be special resources dedicated to making life better for those with memory care issues and less frightening for their families.

By harmonizing and aligning so many housing options in the same area, we hope to create a community of care and attractive lifestyle alternatives designed to meet your future needs and those of your loved ones. Embrace change. Speak up for your piece of The Shores!

For more information on The Shores of Port Credit, call Helmuth Strobel at 416-821-3588 or email him at hstrobel@theshoresofportcredit.com, or visit theshoresofportcredit.com.