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Mississauga Life Early Spring 2015 : Page 17

“We have had customer satisfaction ratings between the mid-80s to mid-90s in each of our customer categories, however, we need to have a stronger, closer dialogue with them,” says Pastoric. “We appreciate that some customers don’t want to be bothered by a survey or asked about the rebuilding of a pole line or an underground cable in their subdivision. Our job is to find out how to better connect with each customer in ways that are engaging and cooperative.” Working with all departments in the company, the CCO is using customer feedback to plan ahead and invest responsibly in Mississauga’s electrical system and infrastructure. The feedback already received prompted the Enersource team to develop a mobile-friendly website that allows customers to review their bills, receive real-time information on power outages and see social media content. Although this initiative only affects those who use mobile devices, Enersource has many other plans for customer engagement. One of the larger initiatives planned over the next several months is the development of a customer charter that explains what Enersource does for the customer, and the entitlements and obligations each party shares. This will help customers better understand their rights as well as what to expect from Enersource as a provider of electrical services. The CCO role may be new to Enersource, but its commitment to understand the evolving needs of customers continues to build throughout the entire organization. Internally, staff members receive and share frequent updates on trends and customer feedback and make suggestions on opportunities to provide better service. As Enersource and its services continue to evolve, customers can expect to find more opportunities to provide feedback and to work cooperatively with the Mississauga-based utility. “Our job is to find out how to better connect with each customer in ways that are engaging and cooperative.” Dan Pastoric Chief Customer Officer (CCO) If you have any comments or feedback for Enersource, please email newsletter@ Safe, reliable electricity is just the beginning. : Enersource : @ EnersourceNews At Enersource, we believe in providing more than just safe, reliable energy. It’s about delivering outstanding service, empowering people and giving back to the community. We are committed to helping Mississauga achieve its full potential by providing innovative, sustainable services, contributing to vital programs and protecting our environment. Learn more at


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