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Mississauga Life Early Spring 2015 : Page 21

Ron Cunningham guidance, clearing the path for the next group. Jarvus Beecham says he should still be in high school, but he isn’t. He acknowledges that, yes, it would be easy to be up to no good, but he remains focused on taking positive steps in his life, even if it means doing so outside the classroom. He believes The Valley should be proud of the way people from different backgrounds come together here. “It’s just the way it is when you grow up together,” Beecham says. “There are some problems sometimes, but we stick by each other when it counts.” Cunningham believes that co-operation can work wonders, especially when unemployment, crime, lack of skills training, and integrating into Canadian society as a newcomer present big challenges, though he notes that the mixture of apartments, townhouses and single-family homes in The Valley can isolate people, preventing collaboration and coping in a new culture. “No community is perfect, but we can try to make it better,” he explains. “It’s a unique place in a big city. It’s our home and we are trying to make things work.” It’s true, The Valley might be one of Mississauga’s hidden neighbourhoods, but there are forces at work to make it an even safer, more welcoming community with a welcome mix of character. Steve Pecar is a well experienced Mississauga-based journalist. For more information on the Mississauga Valley community, visit The Marilyns look down on the hidden neighbourhood. BRAD BUTT, MP MISSISSAUGA STREETSVILLE 154 Queen Street South, Suite 104 Mississauga, ON L5M 2P4 Tel: (905) 812 -1811 Email: Visit us at www.mississauga life .ca Constituency Office:

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